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Being elected your 4h club treasurer is an honor and a responsibility. All club treasurers should submit club treasury information regardless of whether they wish to compete for awards and regardless of whether their club is submitting an honor club application. Your fellow 4h club members have shown their confidence in you by letting you have this responsibility. The officers and leaders should set a tentative budget at the beginning of the 4 h year as soon as a new club is organized. Your skills and abilities, standards and ideals, grooming, speech, and even smiles represent the south dakota 4 h members.

Washington state 4h treasurer s book draft document. Treasurers manual, california 4h youth development, the university of california, 2003. Keep an uptodate record of all club money and be prepared to give a treasurers report at the club. Finances and fund raising, extension fact sheet, 4h. The club voted to have the treasurer get a receipt book at their meeting on february 26. This treasurers book provides forms for you to create a budget, request checks to be written, and list funds that have been received and need deposited. Use this 4h treasurers record book 4h 474 to keep your records. It contains all the information and report forms needed for the treasurer to make monthly financial reports to the. The treasurers records must be accurate and complete. Depending on your club s needs, you can use this form or make your own. Keep an accurate record of all money received and how all money is used. The florida 4h treasurers manual and record book 4h gcr 02 is 4h.

It should have club name, name of office, name of officer, and club photograph. Treasurers handbook, minnesota 4h youth development, university of minnesota extension service, 1998. In most counties, preapproval is needed in order to start a fundraising activity. This book is designed for keeping a 5year record of receipts and expenses. Prince william county, va 4h clubgroup treasurers record book name of club name of club treasurer year july june this book was adapted from the 4h treasurers record book, kansas state university, september 2012, james p. The bills should be paid by checks from your 4h club checking account. For complete descriptions of ohio 4h projects and the publications that support them, please refer to the latest family guide or to ohio 4h project central, an interactive web site that includes sample pages, ratings, and comments. All groups who use the 4 h name and emblem must follow these policies and rules.

Use the fundraising permission form to request permission to conduct a fundraiser. Inform the bank in which your groups funds are deposited that you are the new treasurer. Treasurers reportthere should be one treasurers report for each. F lor i da 4 h t r e as u r e r m a n u a l pa g e 16 4 h cord book at the be ginning of the ye ar atten d 4 h offic er tr aining me e t with the financebudget committ ee and your clu b leader and set the budget for the year.

It should then be signed by the audit committee which could be community leaders, parents committee, or whoever is appointed by the club. This publication provides guidance for the 4h club treasurer on handling club funds and accounts, keeping records, and preparing financial reports. Ucanr 4h youth development program in santa barbara county treasurer club forms skip to. Officer forms new bug reporting procedures for the 4h online record book 4h online record book information resource forms 4h youth development program enrollment procedures.

Completes the annual 4h group financial report and has it approved by the group, and submits. Club accounts should have two signatures for expenditures checks or withdrawals. This book will assist you in doing a good job and help you to make sure you follow the necessary rules and policies regarding the use of the 4h name and emblem. A resource for 4h club treasurers edis university of florida. Michigan 4h treasurers record book 4h1203 last revised in october 1997. Report at the monthly 4h club meeting about the money. Groups that are established as separate legal entities, such as 4 h foundations, 4 h. The termswords to use for each part of the business meeting are listed. Representing others is one of your most important responsibilities because it exists at all times not just while you are at 4h events. This version was revised by julie chapin, 4h program leader, and by priscilla martin, editor, msu extension 4h youth development. Keep all bills and receipts, and all other information. I believe in the training of my head for the power it will give me to think, plan, and reason. You represent not only the local club, but also the whole program throughout the state.

Illinois 4h club annual financial statement description of miscellaneous. Being the treasurer is a very important position in your club. Bank statements were available at each business meeting. References 4h treasurers record book, kansas state university agricultural experiment station and cooperative extension service, 2005. Treasurer sheets to assist with accounting are included. The extension office has given each club a binder with the appropriate tabs. Contact joann ratto, program representative, for questions about your treasurer book or to report errors on any links. Remember to include a copy with your treasurer s book. Secretary and treasurer books pike county 4h recordkeeping instructions based on ohio 4h club charters, clubs are required to provide a minimum of 6 meetings per program year. Being in charge of the clubs finances is a big responsibility.

This includes, but is not limited to, 4 h clubs, county 4 h councils and advisory boards, 4 h teen or junior leader clubs, 4 h project clubs, and 4 h special interest groups. It is up to the good judgment of the county 4h staff to decide how a dividing club splits its money. Fritz and bruce smith, with help from jim dompier and roger manning. Book should be signed as of the end of the 4 h year september 30. Issued in furtherance of extension work, acts of may 8 and june 30, 1914, in cooperation with the u. The tentative budget should be presented at the first possible meeting, discussed, and approved. Whether your groupis opening its first account or you aretaking over for last years treasurer, you will need to get a. Maryland 4h club treasurers book university of maryland. As a 4h treasurer, you are responsible for protecting the good name of 4h.

A property inventory list was developed and new property was added to the list. For complete descriptions of ohio 4 h projects and the publications that support them, please refer to the latest family guide or to ohio 4 h project central, an interactive web site that includes sample pages, ratings, and comments. Florida 4h treasurers manual, page 4 at the beginning of each year, club officers should sit down with the club members and determine what types of projects and activities they would like to do during the year. We embody the universitys landgrant mission with a commitment to eliminate hunger, preserve our natural resources, improve quality of life, and empower the. Florida 4h treasurers manual, page 7 guidelines for planning a 4h fundraiser it is important to estimate the amount of money your club will raise from a fundraiser. This north carolina 4h treasurers notebook is designed for use by the treasurer and the leader so that together they maintain all financial records. The university of maryland extension programs are open to all and will not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, sex, color, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, ancestry, or national origin, marital status, genetic.

Tell how your 4h club earned money and how it was spent. Florida 4h treasurers manual, page 3 congratulations on being your clubs treasurer. Each 4h group must require at least the youth treasurer. Some suggestions are to use the club treasury as if the club closed, or to divide the money according to the number of members in each of the two parts. This book must balance correctly and have all required forms included to be considered for the. Purple blue red white following the 4 h year, the treasurer s book. Congratulations on being an officer in your 4 h club. The florida 4h state website offers some of these books and other educational books for online purchase. Each treasurers book that is submitted for evaluation has the potential to earn 100 points. The goal of montana 4 h is to develop life skills and educate youth and adults for living in a global and changing world by using the resources of the landgrant universities and the u. A resource for 4h club treasurers university of florida. Your role as the 4 h club secretary you and all the officers of your 4 h club are representatives.

Overall neatness, organization, accuracy and presentation are pluses. Jan 21, 2010 secretary is the person who takes notes on the meeting minutes, on the topics, upcoming events, etc. Instructions to the treasurers the 4h group placed upon you the responsibility of keeping the financial records. After the book is returned to your club please place the contents into the 7 year binder and start the annual binder over. Full text of blooded stock on the farm internet archive. President, vicepresident, secretary, and treasurer officer books should have a businesslike cover. The treasurer keeps the account statements, invoices, receipts, annual financial summary reports and all receipt books in the groups permanent records for at least seven years. The point value is the total possible points that can be earned.

The following guide can be used for planning and leading your 4h club meeting. Montana 4 h educational programs are 4 h clubs, afterschool programs, 4 h camps, school enrichment, community service, events and. T he membersleaders that sign checks and serve on the audit committee should be from two different families also. Educational travel opportunites and 4h key award formerly mes record book forms. The following records are used to verify meetings held, as well as attendance of members. For additional information about completing this form, view the financial manual for 4h treasurers. This handbook is intended to accompany c1059e, 4h leaders guide to handling. Columbia county scholarship forms 4h, sale of champions, pork partners. Write only in your book after you are sure your records are correct. Iowa 4 h treasurer s record mitchell hoyer 4 h treasurer s record book with accounting method for group s financial resources, instructions, accounting forms for receipts and expenses, and year end net worth statement. It is acceptable for the club to use commercial software or other means to keep 4h financial records as long as the information required in the 4h treasurer record book is maintained and policies outlined in y672 are followed.

The duties and responsibilities of the club treasurer are outlined in this helpful guide. The ledger should include an entry for anything recorded in the checkbook each month, including payments, deposits and bank fees. All record and project books linked here are pdf format and can be printed on your home printer. Treasurers manual california 4h youth development program. Keep accurate account of all money received by the club. For any group to make wise decisions regarding the use of the money it has earned, members need to know the financial status of their group. If you are the first treasurer, work with your groupleader to open a 4h bank account. Treasurer book judging criteria sheet updated 72418 4h vmo use only. Treasurers record book, mississippi 4h club, mississippi state university extension. Treasurer book judging guidelines the 4h club treasurers information should be completed and turned into the extension office by september 10, 2019.

Below are links to some publications and tools that you will find very helpful. The treasurer must use the missouri 4h treasurer record book y672. What does a 4h secratary, treasurer and press reporter do. You deserve a lot of credit for taking on the responsibility of keeping your club organized and moving it forward. A treasurers report was presented at each business meeting. All 4 h accounts must have at least two club or group members authorized to sign checks. To finalize the clubs year, this book and the state ohio 4h clubaffiliate yearly financial summary kept separate from treasurers book needs to be turned in on or before the friday before martin luther king, jr. The members who elected you know that youll serve as a trustworthy and hard working leader. Deposit the money to the 4h club bank account as soon as possible. This publication provides guidance for the 4 h club treasurer on handling club funds and accounts, keeping records, and preparing financial reports.

If you dont know, say you dont know but promise to get them the answer. Now that you understand club budgets, income, and expenses, it is important to learn how you keep track of all of these transactions. Top american libraries canadian libraries universal library community texts project gutenberg biodiversity heritage library childrens library. I believe in 4h work for the opportunity it gives me to become a useful citizen. An audit was conducted after the end of the 4h year september 30. To fully meet wsu 4h policy, the treasurer and secretary should be from two different families.

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