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Measurements are taken with calipers or by using parallel perpendiculars, to the nearest onesixteenth of an inch. American elk nontypical american elk typical bighorn sheep bison black bear grizzly bear mountain lion mule deer nontypical mule deer typical pronghorn antelope rocky mountain goat whitetail deer nontypical whitetail deer typical wyoming shiras moose. Jeffs bear scored 211116 and its estimated live weight elw was 638 lbs. The world record black bear in the boone and crockett all time records book was picked up in utah in 1975 and scored 23 1016 there are 1,790 entries in the record books meeting the minimum of 21 inches. Saskatchewan guided bear hunts hawkrock wilderness. The list of bone and crockett caliber bears shot last year in michigan continues to grow. Boone and crockett club records, 18882009 archives west. Let boone and crockett sort them out weve got a saying around my camp, let boone and crockett sort them out, and we live by it. After drying, the skull scored 21, making the alltime boone and crockett record book. Boone and crockett officially announced last friday that a grizzly taken by alaska hunter larry fitzgerald, 35, will enter the record books as the worlds largest grizzly ever taken by a hunter during an elk hunt with hunting buddy justin powell near fairbanks, alaska, last september, the duo came across a set of massive, fresh bear tracks. Entry into the new york state record book requires that three basic criteria be. A black bear has to score 20 to make the boone and crockett record books, while a score of 21 automatically makes it into the alltime boone and.

The interesting part of this data is that 75% of the record book arizona. Though this bull will not make the record book, the official score sheet will be kept on file by the boone and crockett club. Biggest black bears in the world outdoors international. Boone and crockett clubs 30th big game awards book and associates sign up package. Gray published the clubs first big game records book titled records of. With a hardcover edition nearly sold out, the boone and crockett club has released a paperback version of its latest biggame records book. The roger pentecost and jack turner stories are truly classics. This list indicates the last recorded owner or hunter. Ballantine, mt adam vogel of ballantine had his black bear skull officially measured by a boone and crockett representative and confirmed that the black bear that was shot and killed two months ago is officially the state record by 116 th of an inch at 21 916 inches. These are the biggest grizzly bear kills in the record books.

New mexico black bear project, hornocker wildlife institute. Jack reneau, director of big game records, provided the information i needed and explained how it was organized. The boone and crockett scoring system is commonly recognized for wildlife such as deer and bear, but that involves a measurement of the skull and the. I thought for sure that he would make the boone and crockett all time record book, but he was shy of the 21 required i took him into jim boland, who is going to make me a nice rug, and do a desk plaque of the skull, that will also incorporate the one mushroomed. One of our hunters passed on this big beautiful bear. New potential world record black bear shot in pennsylvania. These are the highest scoring trophy animals hunted in wyoming, as recorded by the boone and crockett club. The bear was a short distance from dismal swamp refuge, rose said. Northwest big game outfitters ltd has been owned and operated by the goodwin family i.

These are the 5 biggest black bear kills by hunters in the record. Michigan hunter tags boone and crockettclass black bear. A hunter in alaska has been credited with killing a record grizzly bear, according to boone and crockett club officials. Biggame hunters who are listed in the pennsylvania records book will want to. Wyomings highestscoring trophy animals in the boone and. Below is a chart that lists the minimum entry scores for all the north american big game animals recognized by the boone and crockett club. The official record book for new york states biggest and best whitetails, as well as, new york state trophy bear records. The only exceptions are the boone and crockett club, pope and young club, the longhunter society. What may have been the largest of them all, in terms of skull size, was recently measured.

Entry was found, confiscated, donated or purchased. The labrador peninsula, an african shooting trip, wolves, bears. Boone, crockett official to teach class on how to measure. Administration, which contains early administrative correspondence and executive committee minutes, almost an entire run of the minutes of the clubs annual meetings which began in 1893, and an almost complete run of officer. Wyomings highestscoring trophy animals in the boone and crockett record books.

The record book of oregons big game animals included john and his bear in their second edition, and i had seen their article and photos. Grant woods, dr james kroll, larry weishuhn and scott osborne have provided very valuable information on nc whitetail. All record data below obtained through the boone and crockett clubs online trophy search at. Large black bear killed in rabun county shatters state. A local man has forever entered the boone and crockett big game record book for an alltime black bear found in carroll county. Next to whitetail deer, there is an argument to be made that black bears are the. Pennsylvania big game records pa game commission pa. But if you ask anyone whos tried to judge a black bear in the field, it is a notoriously difficult task. The first step was record book data from the boone and crockett club. Alaska hunter kills record grizzly bear, boone and. Want to know where the largest whitetail deer, black bears and elk are taken in pennsylvania. The wisconsin buck and bear club is a group of dedicated volunteer individuals.

A bear that jeff kresnak from caledonia shot with the help of hounds in manistee county last september has a skull scoring 2115. If anything, that only adds to the appeal of black bear hunting. This is the complete official listing of all trophy big game animals taken in the keystone state. Animals like bears and mountain lions require a set of calipers that measure the length and width of the animal. For example, if the skull length measures 11 and 216 inches, you would enter 11 216 in the space provided. In response to public interest generated by the clubs national collection of heads and horns in the 1920s, and increased hunting by the general public, the club established. Boone and crocketts latest records book now in paperback. Of the 763 entries in the 20 pa record book, jeffs bear ranked no. Your articles and photos should be published in the annual utah big game record book at the end of each respective year before releasing them to any other magazines or publications. The list is based on boone and crockett biggame records trophy data going back to 1830. He continues to travel to reno for record book meetings. The record of a workshop on biology and management of the black bear. Boone and crockett looks at the net score for entry into its official record book.

Johns bear has an official boone and crocket score of 22516 inches. A black bear has to score 20 to make the boone and crockett record books, while a score of 21 automatically makes it into the alltime boone and crockett record book. Over the past 30 years, qualifying boone and crockett records book entries for american elk have increased 193 percent from a total of 14 in 1977 to 41 in 2007. North carolinas black bear hunting is the best on the planet. The boone and crockett club was inspired by theodore roosevelt because he was such a great outdoorsman, shifflett said.

Black bear can be hunted as a single animal but is mainly hunted in conjunction with other animals. Steve and lorrie dougherty with steves 21 116 boone and crockett club black bear. Fred bear, dick idol, john wooters, myles keller, david hale, brenda valentine, ted nugent, mark drury, harold knight, phil robertson and roger raglan. The bears skull measured 27 616, making it the largest grizzly taken by. Answering this question is difficult since so many natural and manmade factors come to bear. The boone and crockett club was founded in 1887 by theodore roosevelt and. The nys big buck club record book is an official collection of new york states exceptional whitetail deer and black bear.

Follow our page for offers and discounts, offered only to our facebook and. Still, the relationship between record book entries and river. Not only was the black bear a state record for weight two months ago at 660 lbs. Boone and crockett recognizes new grizzly world record. Bradford county trophy deer and bear club categories. One was a record book blonde weighing over 475 lbs, and a record book cinnamon over 400 lbs. While the bear is not the heaviest bruin ever taken, he has an enormous skull scoring 23 916 inches, making it the biggest black bear ever taken by a hunter. Besides working on the record book and scoring big game for the boone and crockett and pope and young programs, san continues working in conservation as the national sagegrouse coordinator for the. The directors of the wildlife records club of bc regretfully announce that the 17th awards banquet and fundraiser scheduled for may 12, 2020 in cranbrook has been postponed due to concerns over the covid19 virus. Besides working on the record book and scoring big game for the boone and crockett and pope and young programs, san continues working in conservation as the national sagegrouse coordinator for the western association of fish and wildlife agencies. The 4 largest bears ever taken by hunters outdoorhub. Bc is one of the premier hunting destinations in north america. Gardner said he found the bear on his property in the laurel fork district off of u.

Charts are available for sale to the general public for green scoring purposes only. The best way to hunt for a records book boar is to simply shoot the bear that. My bear made the boone and crockett record book too at 21 616. Boone and crockett club minimum entry scores wildlife. A big bear often appears to have shorter legs because the body is so much thicker, but keep in mind that the bestscoring bears for the records book are often the lankier looking, longerbodied bears. The record book has been produced every two years since 1972 and contains thousands of trophy whitetail and bear entries. The boone and crockett club records have been divided into six series, most of which have been further subdivided. The boone and crockett club maintains the records of native north american big game as a vital conservation record in assessing the success of wildlife management programs. Wolf can be hunted at any time and excellent hunts are available in march. When i was a young lad, reading everything i could about hunting, the stories accompanying world record grizzly bear entries for the boone and crockett record book were some of my favorites. The world record black bear in the boone and crockett all time records book was picked up in utah in 1975 and scored 23. Boone and crockett scores bears by measuring the size of the skull, an accurate way of judging a bears size.

Some bears may weigh more than others, but generally the bears with the biggest. Orders can also be placed by calling tollfree 888840486824 hours a day, 7 days a week. Across all categories of native north american big game the overall trend is even higher with 344 qualifiers in 1977 up to 1,151 in 2007a 234 percent increase. Boone and crockett black bear colorado field and stream. These are the biggest black bear kills by hunters in the record books. He also ended up getting a 492lbs boone crockett bear 2 days later.

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